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Latest offers:-

wylex 10way split consumer unit 5+5 30mA rcd dual 17th edition part p installed by dsb electrical also avalible is a mk version

17TH Edition Wylex consumer unit supplied and fitted with full test report and sign off to part p (option of wylex dual split or mk dual split based on 10way unit )


test and inspection and pat testing avalible from dsb electrical ,gloucester

full fixed wired test (testing of all cables within your dwelling) and electronic report given highlighting the condition of your electrics within your home, remember you sleep and spend a lot of time around electricity in your home when was the last time you had a check ? should be at least every ten years to current regulations BS7671 2011

testing and inspection from £10 per circuit.

we offer a free energy saving service by assessing the current lighting scheme in your home, place of work we can make suggestions on how to bring your costs down.

we have recently replaced 25x 50 watt halogens to ge 25 yr life 6 watt l.e.d conversion fittings. original wattage total was 1,250 watts now is

150 watts total saving 1150 watts of power and no lamp change for 25 years

and even brighter than the 50 watt halogens.

call for free quotation