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Bringing a bright spark into your life


The lights switch on as you approach the house and the garage door swings open. You park the car and the face recongintion system unlocks the door to let you into a warm house, safely locking everything behind you as you enter the kitchen; lights come on and the kettle boils for your coffee. As you walk through the hall the fridge orders more milk and the central shopping system makes a note of the coffee used. The lights go off but the cooker will burst into life shortly to cook your chicken caserole.

Ambient light is on in the lounge and your favourite music plays in the background, the fire comes on because the system detected you were slighly cold from the days toil. The night draws in, the curtains close and a message flashes on the TV that your dinner is prepared.

With dinner finished you retire back to the lounge to watch the film that a colleague had told you about at work that day. (You didn't miss it because you had activated the recording system via your hand held device at work). You look down at the shimmering coffee table in front of you and notice that a few emails and text messages have arrived whilst you were at dinner.

As the evening draws to a close you prepare for bed, the shower bursting into life setting the temperature which matches your body heat as you entered the bathroom, music fills your ears along with soap subs as the system detects you are virutally out of shampoo. The bed is warm and inviting and as you drift off to sleep your breathing patterns and body temperature is monitered, the house checks the external sensors, switches the security cameras on, adusts the heating, and emails the grocery orders.

With the bedroom lights gradually getting brighter and soft music in the backgorund you are awoken from a peaceful nights sleep. Having showered and dressed for the day the laundry basket sensors alert the cleaner and the breakfast items monitored. Several audio suggestions are made about this evening meal and you make a selection.

The lights and music fade from each room as you move around the house. The garage senses your approach and the doors are unlocked and opened as you make your way out of the garage onto the drive. The garden has detected rain today so the watering systems are adjusted accordingly. As you drive to work the house locks down, extenal cameras are activated and a feed is delivered to your car and hand held device. When you get to work you are notified that your shopping will be delivered tomorrow.

As you continue your days work your house is safe and secure, your services are constantly monitored and all your needs are catered for.

Intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology make it easy for you to control your systems and home, we can even integrate programmed schedules, meaning you can sit back and let all the clever systems do the work for you.

DSB Electrical letting you live the life you want